Baltimore World Cup Host City Candidate

Baltimore-Maryland 2026 World Cup Host Destination Committee

In June 2018, North America was selected as the host for the 2026 FIFA World Cup™, with games being played in Mexico, Canada and the US. Baltimore-Maryland is one of the final 17 US destinations in the running to host matches in our stadium (M&T Bank Stadium)- which includes hosting a location for spectators to gather in the city (Fan Fest) and provide training sites for teams when in market- as well as being a Team Base Camp location and host the FIFA Team Workshop. The Committee is made up of a multitude of organizations and individuals that have come together to bring the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ (FWC) to Baltimore-Maryland. Many team members of the Committee have been in pursuit of hosting the FWC in Baltimore/M&T Bank Stadium since our destination was part of the 2022 FWC bid effort by the United States. The fervor to host the FWC has never ceased for team members or Maryland Sports, the Committee’s leadership organization. Since the first soccer match in M&T Bank Stadium July 24th, 2009, Committee members have desired to host the FIFA World Cup in the same building.

We firmly understand this event is the biggest opportunity the city has seen/been involved with since the 2012 Olympics effort. We understand the gravity of being a host destination for the world’s largest sporting event, we understand the event eclipses all others held previously in Baltimore.

We understand the FIFA World Cup™ (FWC) has the ability to unite people unlike any other event, initiative, or program. We appreciate the magic that happens every four years when citizens across the globe become engaged with this event. We know that magic is coming to the US, Mexico and Canada in the summer of 2026. We believe Baltimore deserves some of that magic…do you?

Hosting matches in M&T Bank Stadium will be a once in a lifetime experience for Baltimore-Maryland residents. This is our chance to:

    • Grab ahold of $400-600 million economic impact
    • Be a central focus on world stage for 31 days
    • Touch more of the city than any other events to date
    • Create an impact legacy that will live on long after games
    • Change the narrative for Baltimore for years to come
    • Create a united fervor that runs throughout the city

Why do we want to a host of the 2026 FIFA World Cup™?!

    • City/region is a hotbed for soccer at multiple levels
    • Showcase city/state on multiple platforms to the world
    • Change the perception of our city
    • Change the reputation of our city
    • Supplement the programs, projects and initiatives underway or envisioned
    • Finish development around the harbor to connect everyone and create equity
    • Give our residents a sense of pride or bragging point
    • Move forward to what we can be
    • Have the infrastructure for mega events
    • Unite the city for a common goal
    • Create equity across multiple platforms
    • Ready to take the world’s stage
    • Fulfill the mission and vision of our bid effort
    • Leverage the FWC to become an epicenter for sports development in the US
    • Use this opportunity to pursue other world class events that create positive economic impact

Our Mission:

Secure 2026 FIFA World Cup™ matches for M&T Bank Stadium, Team Base Camp locations in Maryland, and Baltimore as the host site for the FIFA Team Workshops. We intend to leverage World Cup activities to enhance the communities of Baltimore-Maryland for the benefit of residents and visitors to our destination. We will host events that are sustainable, promote human rights, and provide a catalyst for positive change in our city through sport. We intend to build the most scenic, welcoming, and inclusive FanFest in World Cup history.



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