Collection: MO STRONG - Mo Gaba Fundraiser

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If you've made it to this page then you probably already know who Mo Gaba is. But in case you don't, Mo is a Baltimore sports super fan that got his claim to fame by calling into various radio talk shows all while stealing people's hearts. He's by far the strongest, bravest, kind heart-ed, joyful... (I could go on and on) person I've ever met. His laugh is infectious and its hard not to smile when listening to him on the radio. Being blind and battling cancer for a majority of his life, hasn't stopped him from making the most out of every second he has, all while bringing joy to anyone he comes in to contact with. Simply put, he is an incredible human being. 
This fundraiser was started to raise funds to support this Baltimore legend and his family to help him in his fight against cancer. We're working directly with Jeremy Conn from 1057 and Sonsy Gaba (Mo's mom) to give them all the donations so you'll know that your purchases will go directly to the Gaba Family. We thank you for your support and wear your Mo Strong gear proud!